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EdfaPay Payment Gateway

Take card payments like a pro Embracing a reliable payment gateway that resonates with the ease and efficiency of your business operations is a cornerstone of customer satisfaction. With GetPaid’s robust framework, managing transactions has always been straightforward. Now, with the EdfaPay Payment Gateway Addon, extend this streamlined experience to your customers, facilitating seamless payments […]

License Manager

The GetPaid license manager add-on is an extension of the GetPaid plugin that provides a powerful and flexible way to manage and sell licenses for digital products. It allows users to easily create and sell licenses for their digital products, such as themes, plugins, templates, design elements, or other digital assets. The license manager add-on […]


The Multi-Currency addon allows customers to set their preferred currency to pay in. Main Features: Allow customers to set the currency at checkout (optional via payment field). Allow customers to set their global preferred currency via widget/block. Registers a new currency switcher widget. Registers a new currency select payment form field. Invoices/Receipts show the currency […]

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnels is a simple and lightweight add-on that turns GetPaid into a Sales Funnel Builder For WordPress. What is a Sales Funnel? A sales funnel is the flow customers go through on the way to an online purchase. The GetPaid Sales Funnels Builder lets you create for each of your products: Order Bumps One-Click […]


The Advertising add-on for GetPaid, allows you to easily manage ads and insert them anywhere on your WordPress website. It allows you to sell ads (Hosted Ads) or simply display ads from 3rd party networks like Google AdSense and get paid for their impressions on your website. It is also fully integrated with GeoDirectory and […]

Custom Item Success Page

The Custom Item Success Page extension for GetPaid allows you to redirect your buyers to different success pages on the basis of the items they purchase. As such, you can specify a custom success page for each item, and your buyers can then be redirected automatically to the relevant success page. This is especially useful […]

Simple Quantity Discounts

The Simple Quantity Discounts Add-on for GetPaid allows setting quantity discount pricing rules. If you want to provide a discount to your customers, when they buy more than one piece of any of your items, this is the plugin for you. Let’s make an example. You sell Yoga Lessons online and you want to provide […]

Paid Trials

Hook Users with Paid Trials With our Paid Trails add-on, instead of offering a free trial, you can now offer a paid trial, which means a reduced price for a short amount of time before the regular price kicks in. Example: $7 for 7 days, then $199 per month. Or you can offer a higher […]

Item Inventory

Our Item Inventory extension allows you to set stock levels for individual items.  Item’s with stock levels can be set to show when inventory is running low or out of stock. 


Our Wallet extension allows customers to maintain a balance on your site. For example, customers can top-up, withdraw and spend balance amounts as they wish.