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Sales Funnel

Sales Funnels is a simple and lightweight add-on that turns GetPaid into a Sales Funnel Builder For WordPress.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the flow customers go through on the way to an online purchase.

Sales Funnel

The GetPaid Sales Funnels Builder lets you create for each of your products:

  • Order Bumps
  • One-Click Upsells
  • One-Click Downsells
  • A Custom Success Page

Order Bumps

wordpress order bumps

Order Bumps are compelling offers presented as add-ons to buyers during the check-out process. They usually appear next to the PAY NOW button and can dramatically increase your Average order value (AOV).

In our demo, for example, we offer beautiful glass espresso coffee cups as order bumps for a premium coffee subscription. If the buyer clicks the “+” button, the item is automatically added to their original order.

One-Click Upsells


One-click upsells are a great way to increase sales and boost profits. They allow you to offer additional services or products to customers after they purchase something from you.

The concept behind one-click upsells is simple: once someone buys something from you, you can offer them other things that they might want.

For example, if someone purchases a smartphone, you can also sell them an SD Card. This allows you to generate extra revenue.

By using tokenized transactions, the customer order is increased, after the check-out process is completed.

One-click upselling is a powerful tool that can help you increase sales and profit margins.

In our demo, we offer a premium coffee machine as the upsell. If you click the button saying: “YES ADD IT TO MY ORDER” no further action is needed and the payment is retroactively processed.

One-Click Downsells


One-click downsells work very similarly to upsells and they are another great way to increase conversions and sales. They are normally offered only when the buyer turns down the Upsell.

One-click down selling allows you to offer lower-priced extra services or products. The customer gets to choose whether they want to purchase these extras or not.

For example, if the customer who bought a smartphone turns down the 128 GB SD Card, the offer in the down-sell could be for a 64 GB SD Card.

In our demo, we offer a premium Moka machine as the downsell.

Custom Success Page (Order Complete)

custom success page

You can assign a custom success page for each funnel and add any content in it that you need.

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