Wallet Functionality for Your Customers

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Your GetPaid Wallet

Our Wallet extension allows customers to maintain a balance on your site. For example, customers can top-up, withdraw and spend balance amounts as they wish.

This functionality opens up a host of possibilities. For instance, our team currently has several extensions in development utilizing Wallet features.

  • Top-up – Users can top-up their wallets using any of your active payment gateways.
  • Withdraw – Users can withdraw their balance to a PayPal account. (Withdraws can be disabled in settings if required).
  • Withdraw LimitSet a withdrawal limit, meaning a balance must meet this threshold before customers can make withdrawals.
  • Spend – Use balances to pay for items such as products or invoices.

GetPaid Wallet Widget

Use our wallet widget to show users their balance and allow them to top up and withdraw.

This is the widget output.
Wallet Balance

Clicking the “Topup” button open’s a lightbox where users can top up their balance instantly.

Wallet Topup

Similarly, the “withdrawal” button will open a lightbox allowing withdrawals to a PayPal account.

Wallet Withdrawal

Transaction Logs

In the GetPaid settings a new page “Wallet Transactions” can be found. Here you can view all changes to balances for all users.  If required you can limit the logs number in the settings.

Transactions log

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