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License Manager

The GetPaid license manager add-on is an extension of the GetPaid plugin that provides a powerful and flexible way to manage and sell licenses for digital products.

It allows users to easily create and sell licenses for their digital products, such as themes, plugins, templates, design elements, or other digital assets.

The license manager add-on provides a range of features that make it easy to set up and manage licenses, including the ability to set up different types of licenses, such as single-site licenses, multi-site licenses, and more. It also allows users to set expiration dates and limit the number of activations for each license.

The license manager add-on also provides a way to automate the license activation process, making it easy for customers to activate their licenses and start using your digital products. It also includes a built-in license key generator that makes it easy to create and distribute license keys to customers.

Additionally, the license manager add-on provides a range of tools for managing and tracking licenses, including an API to check for license validation and a license management dashboard that provides an overview of all your licenses.

This add-on is fully integrated with the Kadence Cloud solution allowing you to sell access to your Kadence library, templates and template parts quickly and effectively.



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