Simple Quantity Discounts2.0.3


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Simple Quantity Discounts

The Simple Quantity Discounts Add-on for GetPaid allows setting quantity discount pricing rules.

If you want to provide a discount to your customers, when they buy more than one piece of any of your items, this is the plugin for you.

Let’s make an example. You sell Yoga Lessons online and you want to provide discounted prices for bulk orders.

1 to 4 Yoga lesson costs $30 each.
5 to 9 Yoga lessons cost $25 each.
+10 Yoga lessons cost $20 each.

All you have to do is create an Item titled Yoga Lessons and set the main price to $30.

Then in the “Price Variation by Quantity” field, you’ll have to enter the price in the following format:


This is how it’ll look on the back end.

simple quantity discounts back end

This is how it’ll look on the front end.

simple quantity discounts front end

As you can see, by adding 6 in the Quantity field, the price is dynamically changed to $25 per lesson, for a total of $150.

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