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Affiliate WP


AffiliateWP is probably the best WordPress plugin for Affiliate Marketing available today.

The integration between GeoDirectory and AffiliateWP will bring more traffic to your Directory because Affiliate Links will drastically improve your website’s SEO.

More traffic will also increase your Directory’s value for advertisers, resulting in better conversions/sales.


AffiliateWP integration requires AffiliateWP plugin, Invoicing, and GeoDirectory Payments Manager V2+ installed.


  1. Install and activate Affiliate WP.
  2. Visit wpinvoicing.com ( Buy a subscription if Required )
  3. Navigate to My Account > Downloads ( Login if Required )
  4. Download Invoicing AffiliateWP Integration zip file.
  5. Go to your WordPress site dashboard, Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  6. Browse and Upload the zip file you downloaded from wpinvoicing.com
  7. Activate the plugin.


  1. After plugin activation, navigate Affiliates > Integrations
  2. Check Invoicing
  3. Click Save settings

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