6 Outstanding WordPress Invoice Plugins in 2022

What's your favorite Invoicing Plugin for WordPress?
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There are way too many people who are still using Microsoft Excel and Word to send their invoices.

Collecting orders, generating bills, and tracking payments simultaneously can be troubling.

Doing it with the wrong tools makes it even harder.

However, the solution is simple if you already have a WordPress website.

All you need is an invoicing system for your WordPress website!

This post reviews the top 7 WordPress plugins to generate and send an invoice to your customers, available in 2022. (Four standalone plugins and two for WooCOommerce)

How can a plugin for WordPress help you?

Easy, the best plugins make the process easy and highly efficient. Thus, you can focus on growing your revenues.

You have a lot on your plate as a business owner, and wasting time managing administrative tasks shouldn’t be one of them.

A complete system to handle the fees you charge your customers and their payments is a must for a thriving operation.

Let’s Begin!

How to identify reliable WordPress invoice plugins?

Identifying a reliable WordPress invoice plugin is no easy task. You must first assess your needs, analyze the various plugins’ capabilities and determine their potential accordingly.

The best plugins will have the following features:

  • The option to send one-time and recurring payment requests to your customers.
  • Create settlement plans and recover late fees.
  • A user-friendly dashboard allows tax deduction, reporting options, payment processing, and management.
  • Offering Partial payment options.
  • Integrating various settlement methods enabling customers to pay using whatever convenient way they prefer.
  • Allowing swift communication with customers via email notifications regarding payment reminders.

Now that you know what you are looking for, it is time to review our favorites and determine the best invoicing plugins for WordPress.

We created two lists.

First, we will review standalone WordPress Invoicing plugins.

While in the second part, we will review two plugins that also require the WooCommerce plugin as the payments system.

GetPaid WordPress Plugin

GetPaid Invoicing Plugin

GetPaid delivers what it promises and has earned the top of this list.

Positive reviews and a user-friendly interface make it one of the best WordPress invoicing plugins.

It allows the creation of manual invoices or items generated programmatically through other plugins.

For example, our business directory plugin GeoDirectory uses GetPaid to handle the payments for the sale of its premium listings and the automatic generation of the invoices.

Creating and sending invoices is a hefty task, but the GetPaid plugin makes it uncomplicated and, most importantly, free of charge!

Additionally, it provides multiple payment methods for your customers’ freedom.

You can choose between Stripe payments, PayPal Express, Authorize.net, Worldpay, Bank Transfer, and Manual Payments in the free version.

Several others are available as premium add-ons. GetPaid provides 20+ payment gateways to enable convenient credit card payments for your customers.

Our free plugin handles recurring payments, name your price, and free trials. It also generates automated bills for each product or service sold.

The GetPaid plugin simplifies the onboarding process; you can set up and start invoicing immediately.

It is a no-code solution and doesn’t require any complex technical setup.

Create a unique checkout form for any of your items. Choose from +20 custom fields available.

Sell Items via EU VAT-ready Invoices.

Create invoices and send them to clients via email, which they can also pay online.

Moreover, you can create automatic email reminders and see when a customer has seen your invoice.

Invoices can be made recurring, so you can sit back and relax while this plugin gets you paid every year, month or week.

Send quotes and estimates to customers. They can decline or accept the estimate. If they accept it, the quote turns automatically into an invoice, and customers can pay on the spot.

Level up your site with premium add-ons and get instant help from the dedicated support team.

The free version of GetPaid currently has +5000 installs.

You can download the Free Lite Version or get their $199 Premium Version. This includes one year of support, updates, and all add-ons and payment gateways, including any new products, released.

Sliced Invoices Plugin

Sliced Invoices Plugin

The sliced Invoices plugin is another popular WordPress invoicing plugin. It allows the seamless creation of invoices and quotes that customers can pay online.

The templates are flexible and unique, leaving a good impression on your clients.

If you wish to bill clients directly from your WordPress site, then the Sliced Invoices plugin is a good alternative.

It also accepts payments using PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout for premium users.

Recurring Payments are a paid feature, and the Pro version of the Sliced Invoices plugin can be purchased for $79, while the Lite version is free.

Other notable attributes are:

  • The ability to develop your invoice templates from the ground up.
  • To customize the information used for offline payments.
  • Ready-to-use sample templates are available for instant setup.
  • Simplified accounting procedures using the tax calculation extension.
  • You can export invoices as a CSV file.
  • It features an extensive and concise reporting system along with reliable workflow management.
  • Support various currencies.

The free version of Sliced Invoices currently has +7000 installs.

Sprout Invoices Plugin

Sprout Invoices Plugin is yet another billing system for WordPress offering a multitude of features.

It can compute costs and generate accurate statements.

Sprout Invoices enables custom invoice creation, easily managed by the user.

You can create a bill, add a customer, and then lets you define the payment schedule.

This plugin can easily define payment criteria such as due dates and late penalties.

Client communication becomes effortless as Sprout Invoices Plugin reports paid, pending and drafts invoices with the click of a button.

Sprout is compatible with the Paypal payment gateway and has comprehensive reporting tools and data management. Recurring payments are a plus point.

Templates are fully customizable to reflect your business. The plugin is compatible with FreshBooks and Harvest.

The free version of Sprout Invoices currently has +2000 installs.

You can use the free version, but with limited capabilities.

The premium version offers sophisticated options starting at $79.99.

WP Simple Pay Plugin

Wp Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay is a WordPress payment plugin more than an invoicing plugin.

Freelancers and small business owners use it to create payment forms rather than to create and send a sequential invoice. 

WP Simple Pay plugin makes processing payments swift and easy.

With the paid version, you can set up recurring payments directly from your WordPress-based website without coding.

It allows you to take credit card payments through Stripe. It is also compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH bank transactions, SEPA direct debits, Alipay, Giropay, and iDEAL.

With the PRO version, you can also set up custom coupon codes for customers, allow payments in installments, add free trial periods, charge custom one-time setup fees, and more.

WP Simple Pay supports 30+ languages and 135+ currencies so that you can accept payments worldwide.

Credit and Debit cards are also accepted.

The free version of Wp Simple Pay currently has +10000 installs.

WP Simple Pay Plugin Pro can be purchased for $79, while the Lite version is free but extremely limited. 

WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugin

WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugin

WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugin specializes in generating PDF invoices for your clients’ orders, processed through WooCommerce.

The invoice’s sequence number. It helps you track payments received for that individual invoice.

You can attach the PDF invoice to the confirmation email sent to the client.

Due to the invoice’s PDF nature, you can easily print it. Moreover, invoice templates are fully editable.

You can design the template to your liking, but it might need some coding which can be difficult for beginners.

WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugin reduces the chances of error because you can preview an invoice before submission; this saves you time.

The cost of the Premium version comes out to be $39 and $0 for the Lite version.

Advanced templates with various customizable options are available.

WooCommerce purchase confirmation emails come with a PDF invoice.

You can efficiently create invoices and payment receipts using a user-friendly dashboard.

You may use different languages for the templates, including English, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, and others.

The free version of WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugin currently has +300000 Active installs.

PeproDev Ultimate Invoice

PeproDev Ultimate Invoice

PeproDev Ultimate Invoice is one of the most advanced Plugins for WooCommerce available on the market.

It allows you to create HTML/PDF Invoices of WooCommerce Orders and simultaneously attach them to email notifications.

You may create unique, professionally designed templates and customize them to match your needs.

It comes with three types of templates:

  1. PDF Invoice.
  2. Inventory report.
  3. Packing slip.

You can download, print, and attach PDF Invoices and shipping slips. Bulk download Invoices as a ZIP archive. Bulk Print Inventory reports, Invoices, and Shipping slips.

The PeproDev Ultimate Invoice Plugin is free.

PeproDev Ultimate Invoice currently has +2000 Active installs.

Conclusion: which Invoice plugin for WordPress wins?

Now that we have thoroughly reviewed all the features required in an efficient and reliable WordPress Invoice plugin, we can move forward with our decision.

Our GetPaid WordPress invoice Plugin stands out regarding the functionality of its free version.

Its features fulfill fundamental and complex business needs. Both experienced users and beginners can use it.

Dedicated support and resources available on their website make it easy to use.

The dashboard is user-friendly and concise. As an administrator, this plugin makes generating invoices and dispatching them an easy task.

GetPaid provides more options as far as payment gateways are concerned.

It manages recurring payments on the free version.

GetPaid is EU VAT-ready.

GetPaid also offers premium add-ons that extend its potential and can be highly beneficial to your business.

A comprehensive plugin like this would allow you to focus on flourishing your business.

The price is quite affordable and low compared to other premium plugins.

For all these reasons, our top pick is the GetPaid Plugin.

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