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What is EU VAT and how does it affect me?

EU VAT has made selling digital products online to EU customers much more complex, there are a lot of eCommerce solutions out there that are still not compliant, we built WPInvoicing to fix this for our products and to let any developer use WPInvoicing with there product to take the complexity out of it.

So what is EU VAT it?

EU VAT is a tax that must be charged to consumers if you are selling digital products online to non business users.

Who has to register for EU VAT?

If you plan to sell digital products to consumers in the EU then you must be registered in at least one EU country for VAT, it does not matter if you are selling digital products from inside the EU or from the USA or China, you would still be required to register for VAT in at least one EU Country. If you do not wish to register for EU VAT and to sell to EU consumers but only wish to sell to EU businesses then WPInvoicing will allow you to do this by collecting evidence of the businesses name and VAT number to prove they are exempt.

What problems does WPInvoicing solve?

  • You can enter your EU VAT registration details and collect the correct VAT rate from your sales from EU consumers.
  • You can collect evidence of B2B sales such as the business name and EU VAT number so VAT is not applied to the invoice.
  • It can allow you to not be EU VAT registered and still sell ONLY to EU businesses and not consumers so to be fully compliant with the laws.
  • WPInvoicing take the hard work out of EU VAT.
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