Version 1.0.15 – wpinv_insert_invoice()

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    Arshad Ali
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    I just upgraded from Version 1.0.14 to 1.0.15 and found an issue with wpinv_insert_invoice().

    By default post type is being assigned as “wpi-invoice”

    if ( empty( $invoice_data[‘post_type’] ) ) {
    $invoice_data[‘post_type’] = ‘wpi-invoice’;

    However, in setup_invoice function in class-wpinv-invoice.php (line 123), it is being checked against “wpi_invoice”. should be fixed.

    if( !(‘wpi_invoice’ == $invoice->post_type OR ‘wpi_quote’ == $invoice->post_type) ) {
    return false;

    This is causing issue while creating invoice programmatically, when post type is not provided specifically.


    Alex Rollin
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    Thanks for reporting, the developers will look into the issue and get back to you with an update here.


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    Hi, this was fixed and released in version 1.0.16. Thanks.

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