Subscriptions and pre-bank transfer

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    Andreas Fuchs
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    I try to setup recurring invoices but only accepting “Pre Bank Transfer”
    The subscriptions are listed but all as “Pending”
    The first Bill has been sent a year ago, and i marked them as paid when i got the money. But it looks as there are no new Invoices created.
    Does the “Pre Bank Transfer” not support subscriptions?


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    Hi Andreas,

    I moved your reply to a new topic and flagged it for developers. I don’t think Pre Bank Transfer works with subscriptions, but the developers will be able to answer that with certainty.

    Please, in the future always open your own topics and avoid posting in other ppl’s support requests, even if similar.



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    Hi Andreas,

    “Pre Bank Transfer” does not support subscriptions since there is no way that Invoicing can automatically detect new transfers.

    However, you can always manually create a new invoice every time you receive a new transfer.


    Andreas Fuchs
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    Hmm maybe i missunderstand:

    Recurring Payments
    Make invoices recurring, set & forget, get paid.

    on your features page then, my goal is to setup yearly recurring invoices. The invoices is generated and sent to the customer. I get my bank details and if there is payment, i mark them as paid.
    just that


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    Currently, that’s not possible unless you use a payment gateway that supports recurring payments.


    Alex Rollin
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    I have taken this up as a feature suggestion, manual recurring invoices. If more people request it the developers will consider adding it in the future.


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    Just to clarify the difference between recurring payments and recurring invoices:

    recurring listings or packages means that payments are taken from a customer bank account automatically each period.

    For one-off packages with a limited period, a new invoice will be automatically created and sent at the end of the period.

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