Stripe payment work in only 1 language

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    Dominic Morin
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    In english the checkout page work well i can pay but in other language something is missing like all the billing information on top and the credit card section in the checkout page and when i click on pay i got an error

    Error: Missing Stripe token. Please try again.


    Dominic Morin
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    i found others bugs.
    1- when i submit my form to generate a invoice in other language the new invoice are set in english not in my current language

    2- i manually set my invoice to a other language and if i click on resend invoice the email is not translate because you dont pass the current language on you AJAX call so if the admin are set to english language the page of the call will be in english but if i set the admin (Set admin language as editing language) the email will be translate as the admin language


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    I asked the developers to have a look at your questions.
    Please post your URL and WP admin details in a private reply and we will have a look at your settings if you like.


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    This is probably caused by a javascript error on the checkout page. Do you see any errors logged in your browser’s consoles?

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