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    Atilla Boz
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    Hi Guust!

    What`s up. Long time – hope you are doing well. I got that “no resuluts found” problem, too.

    All our users are from a time before we used WPGD, and none of them has booked their package from the new website, but back in the days when it was a joomla page. So what would be a work-around for us?

    We have to make invoices with something like Photoshop or word for those?

    Best wishes,


    Atilla Boz
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    But wait, the thing is, one can add a new product – and that is saved to the invoice. And they can definitely be created manually. I just did it a few minutes ago, just that you have to add a new item with any new invoice. Because in the field in does not show the other items.

    And I think I can remember when this worked, and you could just pick the right item. I mean why else would that field be there to chose the items, and why would there be a button to make a new invoice.

    Please re-check that info or clear my view if there`s something I did not see.

    Thanks in advance,


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    You can add Items to Invoicing that are not GD related, for example if you do not use GD, or you also use Invoicing to sell other things than GD Listings.

    For invoices for GD to work correctly, your users need to order the package from the frontend.



    Atilla Boz
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    Ok coolio,

    I did it like this: when I changed the setting of the item to Standard I can find it in the dropdown menu and don`t have to create a new item with each invoice.

    So for those 20 Premium Users I will use this work-around and see if all works like it should if I book from the frontend maybe tomorrow.

    Thanks for the world-famous speed of feedback.
    Have a sunny sunday!

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