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    I am new to the Invoicing plugin. I just installed it this morning. I am using it with GeoDirectory. I have the latest of everything.

    I am setting up recurring payments with two gateways — Authorize.Net and PayPal. PayPal seemed easy enough. My question is about Authorize.Net.

    I have been using Authorize.Net for well over a decade, successfully. (Other websites, not this new one on which I’m attempting to use GeoDirectory and Invoicing.) I run the majority of my transactions from those other sites through Authorize.Net with no problems.

    Your Invoicing plugin is requesting two items. One is an “MD5 Hash.” The directions in the plugin on where to find it in Authorize.Net are not accurate, so I cannot figure out where it is. (There is no “Account > Settings > Security Settings > General Settings > MD5 Hash” path. The point of failure is at “MD5 Hash”; there is no such choice.)

    The second item requested is to set the Silent Post URL in Authorize.Net. I can find where to do that, but it is unclear as to the consequences of doing this. (Silent Post URL is currently not set in Authorize.Net, even though I use Authorize.Net for the majority of my other sites and have been doing so for years and years.)

    Since I use Authorize.Net for the majority of my other transactions for other sites, if I set the Silent Post URL to point to this new site — the one on which I’ve installed the Invoicing plugin — does that mean that all of my transactions, the majority of which are not applicable to this new site, will be silently copied to this new site? If so, will that cause problems at the new site? Will it cause problems for my other, existing sites?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.



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    I have asked a developer to look at your questions.


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    The silent post URL does not copy your transactions to Invoicing. This is where Authorize.NET notifies invoicing that a renewal payment was successfully processed. If you do not set it up, there is no way for Invoicing to know whether or not a transaction was successfully processed.

    It will not affect your other stores unless you also sell subscriptions on those. In which case I’ll recommend that you set up a second Authorize.NET account for use with Invoicing.

    At the moment, MD5 keys have been deprecated and you cannot generate a new one. Just leave the field blank and subscriptions will still function normally.

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