paypal gateway not working properly

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    Birgit Wilde
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    on my WPGeodirectory site I have installed the WPinvoicing plugin and activated two payment gateways:

    bank transfer

    (see screenshot ‘active gateway’)

    There seems to be a problem with the paypal-standard gateway, even though I have entered my relevant email address in the field required (see screenshot ‘paypal gateway’)

    Instead of being forwarded to his/her paypal account, users receive a failure notice “return to merchant” (see screenshot ‘paypal return to merchant’).

    To get this going, do I need to activate any of theese addons? (see screenshot ‘addons’)
    *2Checkout Payment Gateway
    *PayFast Payment Gateway
    *Sage Pay Payment Gateway
    *Stripe Payment Gateway

    If yes, which one? If no, what else must I do?

    Many thanks in advance for your support!


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    There does not seems to be anything wrong with your settings from looking at your screenshots.
    Can you please add your URL and WP admin details in a private reply so we can check.



    Birgit Wilde
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    I changed a price package ID 20 from recurring every 365 days, to recurring every 1 year, and it now works.
    Please check.


    Birgit Wilde
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    Oh, excellent!
    Thank you!

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