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    Irina Davidov
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    I am very interested in Paid Members (Beta Version)
    I instsalled it with Invoicing, GD and Members,
    but the only new feature I can see, is a “membership” possibility in a the article.
    But I can´t set the membership.

    I don´t even see this box with “Members Settings and “Is Membership Plan?”
    Is that a problem with multisite or do I need to check a box somewhere?

    Whrere can I make settings for “Paid Members”?
    Iven this site isn´t available now:

    Is the a manual or description somewhere?


    Stiofan O’Connor
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    The members plugin has changed a lot since that beta, I’m not sure it even works. We have decided to work on our own user management system instead since then and hope to release it in the next few months.




    Irina Davidov
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    Hi Stiofan,
    thank you for your replay and information.

    How does it work on your site (
    User can choose a favorit membership, pay for it and then he get access to special downloads, support questions etc. What happen in the backend? You get payment. Do you set his role / rights (for download, support questions) then per hand. And when the user cancels his payment do you set his role per hand again? Sorry, when I can´t really belive it 😉

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