Integration with Ninja Tables?

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    Hi There

    I am looking at moving away from my current Sage accounting for invoicing and quotations and am liking your solution so far.

    Please can you advise if there is an option for us to integrate the invoicing system with a table of items instead of adding products manually as we deal with thousands of products.


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    I asked the developers to have a look at your question too.

    Can you explain a bit more? Instead of adding items using the drop down when creating an invoice, you want a table with checkboxes? Or you want to create an item that contains different items?

    Can you explain a bit more what you have in mind?



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    Currently our system allows us to import CSV and XML products and update them daily for stock quantity and pricing changes.

    I know I can do this import daily in wordpress with Ninja Tables but was wanting to know if I could do this with WP Invoicing.


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    If I understand you correctly, you would like to automatically update invoice items whenever their prices change?


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    Yes in a way.

    I would like to import all my CSV files into Ninja Tables or similar.

    Once imported I would like to be able to search these items to be able to add to Quotation or Invoice.

    Which ever table system we use, we can upload updated pricing schedules to that when required.


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    at the moment we don’t have an integration with Ninja Tables or similar.

    If you want to press ahead you can find help with customizing WP Invoicing here:

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