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    Please I’m using invoice plugin for my WordPress website and anytime I write invoice and end to my client, it would also send my website login page to the client, and this can make any hacker do something bad to my website, or is it possible to write an invoice without putting my client email address.
    Thank you.


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    An invoice must have an email address or it cannot be sent.
    Hackers do know where to find your login page without that email too, and a login page will not allow them to do anything to your site.

    But if you want your customers to be able to pay without logging in, then have a look at this setting:
    Invoicing > Settings > Misc tab > Require Login To Checkout > Leave empty.



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    Thank you for your response, but what I actually use the invoice for is just to prepare an invoice for already paid services, they are either paying by cash or transfer. inform of a printable invoice.
    Thank You very much.


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    Also, the required login to checkout is black already, also I unchecked the send invoice to the user also blank, yet it is sending login link to the client.

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