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Getting translation files

Find language files for the core plugin on WP.org here: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/invoicing/

For addons, find translated language files at the Invoicing language project pages.

To explain the process, let’s add German to a multi-lingual wesite. The process for a single language site is the same.

  1. Navigate to the Invoicing language project pages.
  2. Select the language of your choice.
  3. For the example, we selected German:
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Export the file (accept the defaults so you download the whole PO file):
  5. Save the .po file in the /wp-content/languages/plugins/ folder of your local website copy on your computer:
  6. Install Poedit on your local machine.
  7. Create the MO file using Poedit:
    1. Open the invoicing-de_DE.po file using Poedit [or the PO file in your language].
    2. Save the file.
    3. That will create a matching MO file:
  8. Now upload both PO and MO file to your site’s server using FTP.
  9. Check on your site.
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