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Fires after an invoice status has been changed from one status to another.

do_action( 'wpinv_status_' . $old_status . '_to_' . $new_status, int $invoice_id, string $old_status );

$old_status and $new_status, refer to the old and new invoice statuses, respectively.



(int) The Invoice ID.


(string) Invoice old status. Learn more


Handle event on invoice status has been changed from Pending Payment(wpi-pending) to Paid(publish).

function _wpi_wpinv_status_pending_to_paid( $invoice_id, $old_status ) {
    // Invoice object
    $invoice = wpinv_get_invoice( $invoice_id );

    // Invoice items
    $cart_items = $invoice->get_cart_details();

    // Do your stuff here
add_action( 'wpinv_status_wpi-pending_to_publish', '_wpi_wpinv_status_pending_to_paid', 10, 2 );
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